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I'm a father of two beautiful children, husband, musician, filmmaker and passionate about documenting events and telling the story of a variety of cultures. I'm always ready and aim for the best outcome no matter the situation or worst case scenario. I believe in teamwork and love to work with more individuals with the same goal in mind, 

Every story is unique in its own ways and we approach every project with excitement and open mind, Our different ways of portraying your video is by capturing your true self and using all the sources from your Wedding day to make the most top quality/organic elegant, unique and beautiful film we can craft,


No matter how you've planned it, your big day is going to unfold naturally and it will be an Artistically composed one, Let's create a masterpiece that will be organically beautiful and Unique like You.  It will always remind you of how much you love each other... Yes, you deserve it, Treat yourself!

Diego Stuart

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